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How much do you charge?


This depends on what the project is. If you need to record drums then there are a couple local studios I like to use and because of this total prices will vary based on the studio that is booked. My day rate for tracking sessions is to $300 for a ten hour day (which includes setup) and $35/hour for anything over that first 10 hours.  I try to keep the totals (my fee plus the studio fee) as low as possible, especially for indie artists. With some studios this isn't feasible, but I'll do my best to work with my clients and give them the best deal I can. 

If you don't need to record drums, I can get most recordings needed done in my little humble studio. Working from there the price is $30/hour and there's a four hour minimum.

Generally, when it comes to mixing, I charge per song. I find it to be easier for my work flow and can ultimately save my clients money. The total depends on how complex the mix for the song is and how much work needs to be done to complete the mix. I want to take the time necessary to get your song to sound as great as it should. I like to spend at least a day or two on most mixes. Taking them out of the studio, listening to them in different environments and giving time and space to allow the mixes to sink in. I also want to make sure that you get a couple rounds of changes. Because of this it can become time consuming on my part and I need to charge accordingly. For that reason my starting rate for a mix is $350. That goes up if the song is part of a label release or if it's an intricate song to mix. If you have a lot of songs, I can cut a deal and  start to bring the price down. Especially if the songs are all from the same session and have similar tones between them. Please feel free to ask me more information regarding this.


If editing is necessary I will charge day/hour rates of $30 an hour or a package deal can be worked out and included into the mix rate.





Can I book your studio for tomorrow?



The short answer is "no." I am unable to accommodate most last minute bookings. Feel free to ask, I may have availability, but generally I don't.




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